Willie Randall






My lifelong desire has been to serve. Whether serving our country in the U.S. Military or serving you in Richmond. We are in for the fight of our lives and challenges are mounting every day. I am ready to roll-up my sleeves and fight for every day working people, by taking on issues like:   



We must educate our children.  When we fail to invest in education, we fail to protect our future and the Commonwealth. Quality Education is the foundation of a thriving economy, as well as of the health, well-being and productiveness of our citizens.  Education should not be a burden, but an INVESTMENT.  

I will fight for legislation that will: 

·      Restore school funding by investing in teachers, technology, and students.

·      Invest in quality early care and education to prepare our youngest children to be ready for school.

·      Make higher education accessible and affordable. Anyone who wants to go to college should be able to attend.

·      Invest in vocational and technical skills training to better prepare our workforce.


We must preserve our natural resources.  If we don’t conserve them, who will? Future generations depend on our willingness to be responsible with our environment. Clean energy is the future – we must identify innovative ways to create jobs, increases tourism, while preserving the natural beauty of the Commonwealth. This combined effort will improve our economy.

I will fight for legislation that will: 

·      Invest in clean energy like wind, solar, and water.     

·      Support Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance.

·      Keep the Chesapeake Bay clean.

·      Ensure that we have in-depth research on and a plan to manage sea level rise.


We must invest in economic development, by identifying growth opportunities. Anyone who wants to   work should be able to work.

I will fight for legislation that will: 

·      Invest in workforce development training. We must teach and prepare our labor force.

·      Encourage and reward companies who exemplify diversity in their workforce.

·      Ensure QUALITY jobs — a living wage, paid family and medical leave, and retirement security

·      Develop initiatives to recruit and attract companies into the 100th district by offering tax incentives i.e., Tax-Free Business Zones.